Coffee by Jittery Joe's (One Pound)


Image of Coffee by Jittery Joe's (One Pound)

12 ounces of rich 100% Arabica coffee beans roasted and finely ground (Grit's whole, unground beans are optional too) by Athens' own Jittery Joe's! you'll love this custom blend from Charlie Mustard, the Roastmaster General of Athens, GA. Comes in a sealed reusable tin.

The Grit's blend has a mix of beans from El Salvador, Columbia, and Nicaragua, all of which are bright medium roasted. Ted's uses organic Mexican beans and Tanzanian peaberries. it has a bit more depth, and while the overall body is not as bright as Grit's there are cherry-chocolate undertones.

1 bag per order only, thanks.


  • The Grit Whole Beans One Pound